Is it harmful to drink coffee on an empty stomach: what experts say

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Is it harmful to drink coffee on an empty stomach: what experts say

Many people like to start the day with a cup of coffee. But is it true that drinking coffee on an empty stomach can harm the stomach.

Studies have shown that coffee does not harm the stomach, even in concentrated form. The stomach has strong defense mechanisms to protect it from irritants such as caffeine, Massachusetts General Hospital gastroenterologist Tricia Pasricha told The New York Times.

Coffee can increase stomach acidity, which can lead to heartburn, she said. If you have problems with heartburn, drinking coffee on an empty stomach can aggravate the symptoms.

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How coffee affects the intestines

The head of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Dr. Byron Krier said, "although certain irritants can make the stomach more vulnerable to acid and ulcer formation, numerous extensive studies have shown that this is not the case with coffee."

Coffee, even in concentrated form, is unlikely to cause objective harm to the stomach, he said. And as for the intestines - it can speed up the colon and trigger the urge to empty.

The doctor also said that coffee stimulates the production of stomach acid, "but if you have food in your stomach or if you drink coffee with milk or cream, it will help create a buffer that will help neutralize the acid."

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How coffee affects the stomach

"So drinking coffee, especially if it's black, without a meal can lower the pH of your stomach more than it would if you drink it with milk or with a meal," he explained.

Byron Cryer says that if you feel a burning pain in your chest or a sour taste in your mouth after drinking coffee on an empty stomach, you should abandon the ritual. Alternatively, drink your morning coffee after breakfast.

"But if you do not notice any symptoms, perhaps you belong to those who do not experience significant reflux after coffee and can continue to drink it safely," - summarized the specialist.

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