The magic detox drink to start your day with

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The magic detox drink to start your day with
The magic detox drink to start your day with



Do you know what one of the most popular topics in the posts of bloggers, nutritionists after the New Year holidays is?

This is the topic of "detox".

People believe in "detox," hope for it, love it, and endow it with almost magical properties.

In the mass consciousness, detox is synonymous with weight loss, rejuvenation and recovery ("glowing" skin, etc.).

The promise of "cleansing from toxins" is widely used in advertising for various products and is incorrect and unscientific.


Detoxification is the process of cleansing the body of toxins by neutralizing them and then eliminating them.

Detoxification can be carried out using various methods, which are mainly used in intensive care units (emergency detoxification), as well as chemical and physical methods.

Or it can be natural.

Natural detoxification occurs through:

lungs (carbon dioxide), skin (lactic acid and toxic substances with sweat), liver (produces detoxification enzymes that bind toxins and convert them into non-toxic forms), kidneys (remove metabolic products and toxins from the blood and excrete them in the urine), intestines, immune system (absorption of toxins through phagocytosis and binding to blood proteins).

Do you know what has the greatest impact on the process of natural detoxification?

Especially now, in winter?

You won't believe it.


It's in winter that it's easiest to get into a water deficit because you're less thirsty in the cold season.

The Lancet published a study on the importance of drinking water and avoiding dehydration.

Not only because water is an ideal solvent and all biochemical reactions take place in it and harmful substances are more easily removed, but also because chronic dehydration leads to the development of many chronic diseases.

Sodium was taken as the basis of the research.

Its concentration in the body depends on the volume of water we drink.

The more fluid we drink, the more diluted electrolytes, including sodium, will be. This is similar to pouring water into a salted soup.

The higher the concentration of certain substances in the blood and urine, the harder it is for the heart, kidneys, liver, and brain to work.

This can lead to stroke and heart failure.

In addition, according to this study, people with high sodium levels were more likely to die at a young age.


There is a special formula: 35-40 ml per kg of body weight. Ideal body weight. Therefore, overweight and obese people need to subtract kilograms of fat and fluid from this formula.

In general, for a person of normal weight, this is about 3 liters per day.

Out of these 3 liters, some of the water is contained in vegetables, fruits, berries, ready-to-eat meals, and drinks.

Start your day with a glass of plain, warm water.

If it doesn't taste good at all, add a little lemon.

But I would recommend trying pure water.

P.S. I have talked about other, non-quackery methods of enhancing the body's natural detoxification capabilities, such as a sauna, air purification with purifying filters, broccoli sprouts that enhance the production of detoxification enzymes, and the consumption of high-fiber foods on my shows many times.