In what form are the healthiest walnuts

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In what form are the healthiest walnuts
In what form are the healthiest walnuts


Nuts are a concentrated source of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fiber). Nuts are seeds in hard, thick shells that protect valuable fats and vitamin E from oxidation.

Remember - the nuts must be fresh, not greased. In order to get the full benefit of the gorichi, you should eat them raw. Heat treatment loses most of the corrosive properties of pea grains.

It is important to buy huckleberries in their shells. Cleaned and packed in bags, they oxidize quickly and take on the flavor of soggy olive oil. Peel and eat them raw to preserve the fatty acids and vitamin E. Piodsalted, and even more so piodsalted with zucker or honey, gorichi are not a good choice.

A part of people, however, uniquely choose gorichi through fear of occupation. Indeed, gorichi is a high-calorie product - 690 kcal/100g. It is caused by the presence of fats in the form of fatty acids.

The proof of the bark is the fact that people who eat only one zhmenyu gorikhiv per day have a lower risk of coronary heart disease, oncologic diseases and a lower risk of accidental death! Sounds like an advertisement for a marvelous product, doesn't it?

Such a protective effect of gorichiv is seen when you take 20 g of gorichiv per day. And increasing their quantity in the diet over 20 g has no advantages. This refers to the consumption of all types of goriches, and not a particular type of goriches. This amount will not affect your body shape and will not cause stomach problems.

Remember that gorichi are among the highly allergenic products! People who are allergic to bilk allergies and intolerant to other types of goriches should be careful. There are contraindications in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, some skin diseases, with hyperfunction of the thyroid gland.

I hope that you include in your daily ration trohi gorikhiv.