Luxuriously decorated tombs of the 2nd and 4th centuries AD discovered in Italy

Maria Tsikhotska

Luxuriously decorated tombs of the 2nd and 4th centuries AD discovered in Italy
The place of burial

An ancient Roman necropolis with 67 skeletons buried in 57 exquisite tombs was discovered during the construction of a solar power plant near Rome, Italy. The discovery dates back to the 2nd-4th centuries AD.

This is reported by CNN.

Archaeologists were surprised that the skeletons found were dressed in gold jewelry and expensive leather shoes. Many tombs were luxuriously decorated to resemble the homes of the deceased.

"We found several skeletons that were wearing expensive stockings and shoes," - said archaeologist Emanuele Giannini. "All these riches indicate that these were not local farmers, but members of the upper crust of Roman families who came from the cities."

The variety of funerary objects placed near the remains, as well as the luxurious design and decoration inside the tombs, have led archaeologists to suggest that those who buried them wanted to recreate their earthly homes. The interiors of many of the tombs had elaborate fabric linings or were surrounded and covered with tiles or pieces of terracotta, like small houses.

Most of the tombs discovered were shared tombs-built for at least two occupants who probably shared a common family connection. Several skeletons were found wrapped around each other.

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"The construction of tombs for the whole family is a typical ancient Roman feature, but they are distinguished by their interior decor, which indicates wealth and status," the archaeologist says.

Local authorities are confident that there will be even more finds when the excavations for the solar park move to another site nearby.

As a reminder, an ancient cemetery where fifty children were buried was unearthed in Turkey.

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