Village found in England that disappeared 500 years ago for unknown reasons

Maria Tsikhotska

Village found in England that disappeared 500 years ago for unknown reasons
Sadilly Castle. Source: BBC

In the county of Gloucestershire in England, the village of Sadilee once flourished, which suddenly disappeared in the 15th century for unknown reasons. Researchers have launched a crowdfunding campaign to uncover the secrets of the mysterious medieval settlement near Cheltenham.

The village of Sadleigh, inhabited for 400 years, was one of the largest settlements in the region. According to Derek Maddock, Sadleigh Castle Archivist, it was a prosperous village with around 40 families. However, in the 1440s it began to decline, and by the 1500s it had almost completely disappeared. This was reported by BBC News.

The main version of the sudden disappearance of the village is associated with the construction of Sadil Castle by its first owner, Ralph Boteler. Since Boteler was building a grandiose castle for himself, he could have decided that the modest village did not fit his vision, which led to its possible destruction.

Recently, radar data has revealed potential traces of the village, giving experts a new direction in their search. The researchers plan to conduct a two-week excavation later this year, led by DigVentures, to investigate this information.

Known for its active community involvement in archaeology and heritage preservation projects, DigVentures is already conducting its sixth excavation at Sadilii Castle.

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Unlike in most cases where the outcome is unpredictable, the team already has an idea of what they might find. Aerial images and radar data have revealed the outlines and traces of potential buildings, which are believed to be the remains of medieval houses.

"We think they look like the remains of medieval buildings and structures," said researcher Maya Pina-Dacier. - "So we hope to find some buildings and get evidence that will help determine their age, time of use, and time of final decline.

As a reminder, an extraordinary rare ring from the 17th century was found in England.

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