122 1000-year-old silver coins in excellent condition found in England

Maria Tsikhotska

122 1000-year-old silver coins in excellent condition found in England
The coins are

The sensational discovery of amateur treasure hunters from the English county of Essex has recently brought them a considerable fortune. It's about 122 silver pennies from the Anglo-Saxon period found in a field near Braintree.

At Noonans Mayfair, this unique collection was sold for an astronomical sum of 325 thousand pounds (almost 16 million hryvnias).

According to numismatists, the coins were lost during the legendary battle of 1066 between the Anglo-Saxon and Norman armies. This was reported by The Sun.

Probably, their owner was killed then, and he never returned for his treasure.

16 rare items from the collection were acquired by the Colchester Museum and the Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum.

According to expert Nigel Mills, the atmosphere in the crowded hall during the auction was electrifying. Participants were eagerly competing for the opportunity to get at least one unique artifact.

The record price of 24 thousand pounds, or four times the initial price, was set by an online participant for an exclusive coin from the Hastings Mint. By the way, the lucky treasure hunters have so far found mostly copper coins and cowbells. The field owners present at the auction were also impressed by the excitement and the staggering revenue for the rarities.

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