These three simple life hacks will simplify spring cleaning

Anastasia Kryshchuk

These three simple life hacks will simplify spring cleaning
Life hacks that will make spring cleaning easier. Source: pixabay

Traditional spring cleaning can be time-consuming and require certain skills. Whether it's polishing mirrors and windows, cleaning carpets, or organizing a closet, each of these tasks can take more than an hour.

The Pioneer Woman site offers useful tips that will help you effectively reduce the time spent on cleaning thanks to easy and effective tricks. These tips will also come in handy for regular weekly cleaning.

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Wash windows

You can use a floor mop with paper towels to clean hard-to-reach windows. Just put a detergent on it and wipe the glass. A car window brush with a long handle is also suitable for this purpose.

Clean kitchen

Try using olive oil to polish stainless steel surfaces like cookware and pans. Make sure the surfaces are clean before polishing.

Clean tile seams

To restore the whiteness of the seams between the tiles, use a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. These ingredients not only lighten seams but also effectively fight mold in damp rooms.

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