Scientists say what will happen to a body in space without a spacesuit

Bylim Olena

Scientists say what will happen to a body in space without a spacesuit

The mystery of space has always interested mankind. So far, only a little over 600 people have had the opportunity to orbit the planet.

Astronauts go on space trips in special suits. According to IFLScience, without protective equipment, a body in space will not explode, but it can be injured.

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Lack of atmospheric pressure and lack of oxygen are the main threats in a spacewalk without a suit. The lack of pressure leads to rapid evaporation of liquids, which means that the skin, mouth, and eyes can "blur".

The lack of pressure can also cause bubbles to form in body fluids, which can cause serious problems.

But it is important to note that your body will not explode in space. The skin is quite elastic, and you may swell, but this will not cause an explosion. Unfortunately, you will lose consciousness due to the lack of oxygen in about 15 seconds. If you can be rescued, you will face problems from dangerous radiation from the sun.

Ultraviolet light can cause severe sunburns, and more energetic light, such as X-rays, can damage your DNA and increase your risk of cancer.

Earlier, NASA published recordings of how solar system objects "sound".

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