Scientists have identified the easiest way to extend life by 10 years minimum

Bylim Olena

Scientists have identified the easiest way to extend life by 10 years minimum

Each of us is faced with the choice between healthy and "comfort" food every day. But scientists have given a new incentive to choose a healthy diet, as a UK study has found that switching to a healthy diet can extend your life by as much as 10 years.

A team of researchers from the University of Bergen in Norway, led by Lars Fadnes, analyzed data from nearly half a million UK residents based on their diet and health status. The results suggest that choosing a healthy diet may be the key to a longer life, Science Alert writes .

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After a detailed analysis of eating habits and patterns of dietary changes, the researchers determined that those who switched from unhealthy eating to following the recommendations of the Eatwell benefit increased their life expectancy by 9 years. And those who opted for a longevity diet that included whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables plus moderate amounts of fish, even 10 years longer.

Researchers say making sustainable dietary changes may be the key to a healthy future.

Researchers also note the importance of implementing taxes and subsidies to support healthy eating and policies to improve the availability of healthy foods. This can not only have a positive impact on the health of citizens, but also help address systemic public health issues.

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