Scientists have identified the causes of constant fatigue

Bylim Olena

Scientists have identified the causes of constant fatigue
A tired woman. Source: Liza Summer/pexels.com

Scientists from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (USA), led by Avindra Nath, have made a significant step in understanding myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS).

The study, published in the journal Science, provides a clear indication that this syndrome is not a fiction, but a biologically based disease that has clear differences in brain activity, immune responses, and other aspects compared to healthy people.

This discovery is a great relief for people struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome, as it provides a scientific basis for understanding their condition.

The study included 17 people with this syndrome and 21 healthy people. The results showed:

  • Decreased activity in brain areas related to movement control. This may explain fatigue after exertion, which is one of the main symptoms of ME/CFS.
  • Elevated heart rate and blood pressure disorders. This indicates an abnormality of the autonomic nervous system.
  • Increased levels of PD-1 protein on T cells. This may indicate that the immune system is trying to fight an unknown pathogen.

Scientists suggest that chronic fatigue syndrome may be primarily a brain disease, where stop signals limit physical activity.

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