Protect yourself from misfortune: When you shouldn't look in the mirror

Ihor Romanko

When you shouldn't look in the mirror to avoid invoking misfortune

A mirror, as an interior item, possesses very strong energy and has been used in various divination and magical rituals. It is believed that it can bring both happiness and great misfortune, and can serve as a boundary between the world of the living and the dead. Therefore, it is important to handle this object carefully.

There is a belief that crying in front of a mirror can risk losing happiness, as the mirror may take away health and vitality, especially during a vulnerable state such as crying, as reported by UNIAN. This act may lead to a loss of beauty, which is thought to be washed away with tears.

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Looking in the mirror at night, especially from midnight to dawn, is considered very dangerous. At night, the mirror is believed to become a portal to the other world, where evil spirits may be reflected, frightening a person. Additionally, the souls of the deceased are thought to sense the living at night and may interact with them through the mirror.

A broken mirror is said to portend illness and trouble. Imagining oneself in a broken mirror, divided into several parts, is believed to lead to the destruction of one's destiny. Furthermore, it is believed that gazing at one's reflection in a broken mirror can accelerate the aging process.

After a person dies, mirrors may be hung in the house of the deceased for 40 days. Superstition claims that the soul of the deceased may return to their home, and if they see their reflection in the mirror, their soul may stay in the looking glass for a thousand years or even take the living with them.

Young children are believed to have a weak protective biofield. Therefore, many parents avoid bringing a child to a mirror until the age of two, as it is believed that the baby may give a part of their vital energy to the mirror, which is considered especially dangerous for the child.

According to superstition, looking in the mirror while eating is not recommended, as it is believed to lead to loss of memory and happiness. There is also a scientific justification: distraction during meals can lead to a loss of appetite control and overeating.

It is up to everyone to decide whether to believe in these signs. But in any case, it's important not to panic, maintain a positive attitude, and believe in the best - then the mirror probably won't harm you.

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