Three rules to help you buy quality garlic

Kateryna Dutik

How to choose fresh garlic in the supermarket

Choosing quality garlic is easy if you consider a few important factors. Then the garlic will have a wonderful aroma and flavor.

First of all, the garlic should be tight, without visible damage. The skin should be dry and intact.

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1. Hardness. The first step is to check the hardness of the garlic. To do this, press lightly on the clove. If it resists, then the garlic is fresh.

2. The clove is very compact, with smooth and dry white skin. There should be no signs of mold (no black powder). The skin should be free of cracks, cuts or other damage.

3. The garlic should be free of signs of sprouting as this indicates that the garlic is old.

You will find garlic in the supermarket or grocery store, usually next to onions and potatoes. It may be sold in individual capsules or packaged in small mesh bags.

Here are some signs that indicate that the garlic is of poor quality:

  • The skin is dented or damaged.
  • The cloves are soft or dried out.
  • Garlic has an unpleasant odor.

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