Top 4 November omens to be aware of

Maria Tsikhotska

Top 4 November omens to be aware of

November is a transitional month when nature is preparing for winter, and the days are getting shorter, as reported by Ukr.Media.

During this month, many folk signs and superstitions reflect the traditions and wisdom of our ancestors. Let's explore some popular signs and superstitions associated with November.

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Clear weather

In October, fog can evoke different emotions. If November days are clear and the air is crisp, it is considered a sign of cold weather and the approach of winter.


If birds continue to sing in November, it may indicate a warm and mild winter. The leisurely flight of birds to the south is seen as a good omen.

The light of the moon

The November sky illuminated by the bright moon has always held a sense of mystery. The clear glow of the moon can signal clear days ahead, while cloudy skies may foreshadow a rainy and cold winter.

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Shooting stars

In November, you can often see shooting stars, and you can make a wish on each of them. During this ritual, it is important to follow a few rules, such as making a wish at the right time and believing in its fulfillment.

Strong wind

The November wind whistling through the streets is often viewed as a symbol of change. A strong wind can indicate upcoming events and opportunities in life, and a very strong wind can serve as a warning to refrain from risky actions.

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