Typical mistakes in relationships

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Typical mistakes in relationships
Typical mistakes in relationships


Working in therapy with women and men, I can see very clearly how male and female psychology differs.

We, women, are very different from men!

We even love differently! Not stronger or weaker, but really different.

Here are some common misconceptions about the relationship between men and women.


Men and women make the same mistake - we compare others to ourselves. How I treat you is how you should treat me. We also project a model of behavior onto our partner, how he/she should behave with us. Without discussing it with him/her.

It's important not to expect and fantasize, but to tell them directly how they can and cannot treat you and listen to them in return.

Men, guided by logic, offer solutions in any situation without taking feelings into account. This is how their brains work. Women are guided by feelings, emotions, and sensations. And this is where the conversation between the deaf and the dumb begins.

W: Honey, I broke my heel!

М: We'll buy new ones tomorrow!

W: What does it have to do with new ones, these were my lucky shoes, in which I was always lucky!

That's it! Dead end. The woman didn't get sympathy, he didn't mourn her loss, and the man didn't understand what the point was at all! And there are a lot of misunderstandings like this. So we go around getting annoyed, sulking, dissatisfied.

It is important to speak directly about your needs. I need your sympathy, and understanding, just to listen.

A common problem for women is the belief that they know "what's best" and "what's right."

And then a man begins to lose confidence and ability in his masculinity and ability to solve problems.

Stop yourself as soon as you want to tell you what is right. Do not take so much power! And if your hands itch, ask yourself: Why do I need so much power?

Of course, I want to write a lot more, but it's important to remember our dissent and learn to understand ourselves.