Such different men and women: how to learn to understand each other

Екатерина ШереметьеваЕкатерина Шереметьева

Such different men and women: how to learn to understand each other
Such different men and women: how to learn to understand each other


I want to develop the topic of the difference between men and women, perhaps this will open the door to understanding the difference, which will expand the understanding of communication in relationships.

1. Scientists have long found that in the process of communication, women use both hemispheres of the brain, while men mainly use one. They are not able to think and feel at the same time. A man either experiences emotions or analyzes a situation. Women do it simultaneously.

Therefore, in relationships, men often look more indifferent.

2. Because of the way the brain works, a man cannot perform several tasks at once. If he is watching a hockey game, he is not able to listen to how your day went at the same time. Women, on the other hand, can do many things at once, for example, cook, watch TV, and talk to a friend on the phone at the same time.

3. A man needs time to switch from one thing to another, he cannot immediately grab the next thing without taking a break. Otherwise, he feels tense. Women, on the other hand, can not only do several things at the same time, but they can also switch very quickly. For example, a man comes home from work and wants to rest, while a woman can immediately take on any other tasks. That's how we're built. That's why it's important to listen to each other and not try what you would do in his/her place. Men are annoyed by fuss at home, women are annoyed by inactivity.

4. Men do not understand hints and do not understand non-verbal signals, while women, on the contrary, intuitively read body signals and facial expressions, which is why it is often said that women's intuition is more developed. We know how to understand body language. The main thing is not to overthink it, but to learn to use your intuitive sense.