That is what sailors do: how to keep chicken eggs fresh for months

Anastasia Kryshchuk

That is what sailors do: how to keep chicken eggs fresh for months

Eggs sold in supermarkets have a shelf life of 28 days. However, chicken eggs often spoil much faster.

Nevertheless, it is possible to keep eggs fresh for weeks after the expiration date using several proven methods. There is a way to keep them fresh for much longer that is used by sailors, according to Express.co.uk.

The unusual storage method involves covering the eggs with petroleum jelly. This way, the eggs will remain fresh for several months.

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Eggs covered with petroleum jelly can be stored for months. However, after a few months, they will develop an unpleasant aftertaste.

Official guidelines from the Food Standards Agency recommend storing whole eggs in a "cool, dry place," preferably in the refrigerator.

The agency added that keeping eggs at a constant cool temperature will help keep them "safe".

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