Will shine like new: how to clean a glass ceramic hob quickly and efficiently

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Will shine like new: how to clean a glass ceramic hob quickly and efficiently

A glass ceramic hob should always be kept clean if you want it to work efficiently. If food residues and grease have stuck to the surface, you should clean the surface to avoid scratches.

Do not use abrasive materials to clean the glass ceramic hob, otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the surface. Fortunately, there are ways to clean glass ceramics easily and safely.

According to Сlean-С, first, the dirt should be washed off with a damp cloth, preferably while the hob is still warm. If the stove is already cold, it is recommended to use a detergent.

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If the stains are severe, treat the stains with lemon juice and leave them on for half an hour. Then use the soft side of a kitchen sponge to clean the hob.

Stubborn stains can be removed with a special ceramic hob scrubber, which you can easily find online. Never use a knife or steel sponge.

You can also try using dishwasher tablets. You need to crush the tablet and soak it with water to form a thick cream. Then apply it to the stain and rub the stains with a sponge. If necessary, repeat the procedure until the stains and burnt fat are washed off.

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