Is it worth eating apples every day: what science and doctors say

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Is it worth eating apples every day: what science and doctors say

Apples are one of the most common and affordable fruits that have many beneficial properties. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. Apples reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases due to their fiber and pectin content.

For an adult, it is considered normal to eat 1-2 apples a day. According to Healthline magazine, scientific studies emphasize the exceptional benefits of eating whole apples compared to apple juice or puree. Apples, with their high fiber and water content, are not only a delicious treat but also a key element of a healthy lifestyle.

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Studies show that eating apple slices before a meal makes you feel fuller. This is accompanied by a reduction in total caloric intake by an average of 200 calories, which can be an effective method of maintaining a healthy weight.

Scientists point out that apples have unique properties: they are not only nutritious and less calorie-dense but also rich in fiber and volume, contributing to the weight loss process.

One study of overweight women found that including apples in the diet resulted in weight loss and lower caloric intake compared to other options.

Not only do apples contribute to weight management, but they also reduce the risk of heart disease due to their soluble fiber content, which helps lower blood cholesterol levels.

Polyphenols in apple peel provide additional antioxidant properties, protecting against the oxidation of "bad" LDL cholesterol.

Data also show a link between the consumption of flavonoids in apples and a 20% reduced risk of stroke. These flavonoids help lower blood pressure and protect against cholesterol oxidation.

Apples are not only good for the cardiovascular system but also have a positive effect on the brain. Animal experiments show that apple juice helps reduce the amount of harmful reactive oxygen species in brain tissue, supporting cognitive function and reducing the risk of memory loss.

All in all, apples are not only a delicious treat but also an unrivaled source of health for the body and mind. Eating the whole fruit seems to be a good choice for those who value their health.

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