Stylists shared how to choose the right synthetic sweater to keep you warm

Maria Tsikhotska

Stylists shared how to choose the right synthetic sweater to keep you warm

Prices are increasingly rising, so we are looking for cheap clothes of normal quality. Winter is coming soon, so buying warm clothes is extremely important. Of course, natural materials warm best, but they are also very expensive. Ukr.media will tell you how to save money and still buy quality clothes.

Labels often indicate that the fabrics contain artificial fibers like polyester, acrylic, elastane, nylon or polyamide.

Synthetic fabrics have both advantages and disadvantages. They do not deform during washing, retain their shape well, are inexpensive, and wrinkle slightly. On the other hand, they are not breathable, poorly moisture-permeable, can cause allergic reactions and do not warm in the cold. Therefore, manufacturers usually combine synthetic and natural fibers to create blends.

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Therefore, if you plan to buy winter clothing made of synthetic fibers, it should contain natural ingredients. Thanks to them, the clothes will keep you warm in the cold.

When choosing clothes, do not forget to pay attention to the knitting. The denser it is, the warmer you will be.

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