Stylists named the trendy manicure for winter 2024

Maria Tsikhotska

Stylists named the trendy manicure for winter 2024

Given that the trend of "quiet luxury" has become mega popular, it is logical that the manicure should match this restrained style. Chiffon manicure is just like that. Almost transparent, it makes nails look well-groomed and expensive.

This is what Radiotrack writes about.

Here are some options for chiffon manicure:


Transparent manicure looks the most harmonious and elegant. This option is very popular in Japan and Korea, it gives the nails airiness and lightness.


A chiffon manicure can resemble a haze of foggy white, pink, or cream color.


It is important to choose a shade of white that is in harmony with your skin type.

With an accent shiny nail

If you don't want all your nails to be the same, you can highlight one of them by making it shiny or adding sophisticated nail art such as rhinestones or other accents.

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