Stylist advises how to choose a stylish coat for winter 2024

Maria Tsikhotska

Stylist advises how to choose a stylish coat for winter 2024

Famous Ukrainian stylist Oksana Matskiv gave advice on what to look for when choosing a coat for winter 2024. Read the article by Radiotrack to find out which models are better to avoid.

Too short and narrow

Such a coat restricts movement and does not allow you to wear several layers of clothing under it. Therefore, it is better to choose a loose-fitting maxi model.

With fur

Although such coats look expensive, stylists do not recommend buying them. If you can't refuse to buy one, choose a model with detachable fur.


Avoid lapels with complex cuts, too wide, narrow or elongated. Such a coat will not be universal and only things of a certain style will fit it.

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It will not allow you to wear warm clothes under the bottom. And a structured hard lined coat will add a few extra pounds.


Spoils the appearance of the coat.

An abundance of decor

Minimalism is in fashion now. An abundance of decor makes things cheaper.

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