List of things that prevent you from losing weight: pay attention

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List of things that prevent you from losing weight: pay attention
List of things that prevent you from losing weight: pay attention

There are several points that prevent you from losing weight.

All my colleagues here have already written about losing weight (before the summer, as always) and everyone has their own monopoly on the truth. Still, there are points that no one disputes, points that are necessary to get back in shape:

Point zero – waiting. If the thyroid, insulin, and sex are not normal - we will lose weight endlessly and without results

Moving after eating, just a walk on the floor, blood sugar is where it belongs :) even 10 minutes of walking

Reduce cardio, add 3-4 strength training per week. Force or HIIT

Drink enough water. I mean really enough: 700-800 ml in the morning, no more than 2 sips during the day

Aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep regularly, melatonin and deep phases of sleep are your helpers

Protein at every meal (not only animal)

Eat large normal portions of whole food to your heart's content, and do not snack during the day

Rethink what to do with simple carbohydrates and milk, not only sweet: especially "kefir in the evening", pasta/sushi for dinner, cheese snacks

You can record food in the same MyFitnessPal for 2-3 days and never do it again :) But if you look at where there is a skew, we usually don't notice that there is an apple, there are 2 dates, there is milky coffee - these are not your meals. Another plane - we eat salad in buckets and limit everything in the world. The satiety hormone leptin is not happy with either underfeeding or overfeeding. Just an adequate rhythm and a normal plate, full

70-80% of calories are in the first 2 meals

Remove/reduce alcohol

Buy less food, cook more. The simpler the better

Think again about the stress load and how you adjust it. Binge eating is a tasty strategy, but it has consequences. How do you rest? Are you in therapy if needed? A metabolic pit CAN be purely stressful in nature. So read the post again if relevant. Feel yours.