Experts explain whether painting radiators black will help save heat

Bylim Olena

Experts explain whether painting radiators black will help save heat

In the fall, during the cold season, the population of Ukraine spends more and more money to pay bills. Some people try to save money by using life hacks that allow them to consume less gas and electricity.

There is a claim that heating radiators, if painted black, will generate more heat and make the house warmer. However, Efergy Pro experts have investigated whether black paint will affect the operation of radiators.

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According to leading energy experts, electric heaters are one of the most expensive types of heating. As a rule, the cheapest way is to use an efficient gas central heating system with a full set of thermostatic radiator valves, a room thermostat, and a timer.

"It's best to have as many controls as possible so that you can decide how your home is heated. A room thermostat saves an average of about 10% per year," experts say.

As for painting radiators black or placing reflective panels behind them, experts say that this method does not work.

"As for painting radiators black, the answer is no. It is better to have them as standard white, although the difference is not significant. It is much more important to insulate the walls to prevent heat leakage from the house in general," the experts added.

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Construction expert and Fix Radio host Clive Holland agrees that this is a myth. He told Metro.co.uk that this method is unlikely to make much difference.

"If you are outside and paint the metal black, it retains heat better in the sun," he said. The expert explained that radiators are mostly located inside, they will not be able to better retain the heat they produce.

"The heat goes inside the radiators, the heat is not external, so painting them black, in my opinion, is an absolute myth and will not help you save energy," Clive Holland summarized.

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