The first Christmas star will rise: when to sit down to dinner on Christmas Eve

Diana Bondarenko

The first Christmas star will rise: when to sit down to dinner on Christmas Eve
Traditions on Christmas Eve

Today, on December 24, we celebrate Christmas Eve, the day before Christmas. Since ancient times, there have been certain traditions and folk beliefs on this day.

More than two thousand years ago, on Christmas Eve, the Star of Bethlehem appeared in the sky, which, according to biblical legend, informed the world about the appearance of the infant Savior.

UAportal tells you when to sit down to the table on this day. In particular, today you should sit down at the table when the first Christmas star rises. However, this should not be done in red clothes, according to folk signs.

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In addition, there are several prohibitions on Christmas Eve, namely, on this day you cannot swear, argue, raise your voice, do hard work, sewing, needlework, or refuse help.

Instead, on Christmas Eve, you should go to church for a service, and in the evening gather around the festive table with the whole family. The table should be covered with a white tablecloth and hay should be placed on it, as it symbolizes the ash tree in which Jesus was born.

You also need to put 12 dishes on the table, including kutia and dried fruit soup. According to popular beliefs, you should try all the dishes to avoid going hungry for the whole year.

As a reminder, we told you what dishes to prepare for Christmas Eve. In particular, 12 meatless dishes that symbolize the 12 months of the year.

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