Slugs will no longer be a problem: five effective "home remedies"

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Slugs will no longer be a problem: five effective 'home remedies'

Slugs are pests that can cause significant damage to your garden. Not only can they eat leaves, flowers, and fruits and spread diseases but they can also get to the roots of plants.

If you are struggling with slugs and snails, there are some effective "home remedies" you can try.

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Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are a natural repellent that can help repel slugs. Simply scatter coffee grounds around the plants you want to protect. Slugs don't like the smell of coffee and are likely to avoid plants where it is present.


Cinnamon is another effective slug repellent. It is either sprinkled on the soil around the plants or brewed with a spoonful of cinnamon per liter of boiling water. When the brew has cooled, water the plants. This method will not work if it is rainy outside.


Vinegar is another effective way to repel slugs. Just mix 100 ml of vinegar and a bucket of water and apply the solution around the plants. Slugs do not like the smell of vinegar. However, you have to be careful as this method of repelling slugs can be dangerous for plants.

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It is a natural poison for slugs. Just sprinkle salt around the plants. You can also use ground pepper or dry mustard.


This is a natural repellent. Simply scatter crushed eggshells around the plants. Slugs cannot crawl over the prickly shells as they injure them.

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