Too sensitive area: experts have named the parts of the cat's body that should not be touched

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Too sensitive area: experts have named the parts of the cat's body that should not be touched

Cats have whiskers not only for aesthetics. They use them to balance, move, and avoid danger.

The experts at AskMyCats advised cat owners not to touch their cat's whiskers when petting him.

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Is it okay to touch a cat's whiskers

Some cats like to be touched on the whiskers, while others don't like it. That's because it's too sensitive an area for them.

Veterinarians have explained that cats should be stroked either behind the ears, under the neck, or on the back. If your cat shows any signs of discomfort, stop petting him immediately.

Cats use their whiskers to process and assimilate various sensory data. In a way, they resemble delicate fingertips.

Experts have noted that in most cases, a cat will not feel pain when you stroke its whiskers, but it is better to be careful and respect its personal space and boundaries. However, touching or stroking your cat's whiskers can send many signals to the nerve endings in the follicles, and this can overstimulate your cat. This overstimulation can make the cat feel uncomfortable and sometimes cause pain.

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If the cat allows you to touch its whiskers, it means that:

  • The cat is very comfortable around you.
  • It is in a relaxed mood and does not mind being petted now.

It is noted that you should not be afraid to touch the cat's whiskers or the skin directly behind the whiskers, but it is better to avoid it so as not to damage the cat's whiskers.

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