Impact strength will exceed seven points: a "red magnetic storm" is expected on Earth tomorrow

Bylim Olena

Impact strength will exceed seven points: a 'red magnetic storm' is expected on Earth tomorrow

On Thursday, November 16, a powerful magnetic storm is expected on Earth. It will begin today, but the impact strength will not exceed 4 points. However, tomorrow, the K-index of geomagnetic oscillations will reach the red level as their strength will exceed seven points out of 9 possible.

According to the Meteoagent center, on November 17, the strength of the shocks will drop to three points, and no new shocks should be expected by November 22. A calm period with a K-index of 2 will continue.

Impact strength will exceed seven points: a ''red magnetic storm'' is expected on Earth tomorrow

Magnetic (geomagnetic) storms are short-term perturbations of the Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere. They are caused by flares of radiation and charged particles emitted by the Sun.

Impact of magnetic storms on people

Magnetic storms affect people with cardiovascular disease, high or low blood pressure, mental disorders, and vegetative-vascular dystonia.

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Children are also affected by powerful geomagnetic fluctuations. The main symptoms are loss of appetite and sleep and constant crying. During this period, parents are advised to monitor the child's diet and daily routine.

It is believed that during magnetic storms, a person's blood thickens, which causes oxygen metabolism to deteriorate, and the brain and nerve endings are the first to react to the lack of oxygen.

Some people report mood swings, while others experience irritability, apathy, or outbursts of aggression, decreased performance, and headaches.

Elderly people, pregnant women and those with chronic pathologies should monitor the period of magnetic storms and follow general recommendations: avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, fatty and spicy foods. You should replenish your daily diet with vegetables and fruits and observe your drinking regimen.

Attention: This content is for informational purposes only and does not contain any medical advice. For medication, diagnosis, and other medical advice, please consult your doctor.

When seasonal migrations of birds and other animals take place, they are guided by the geomagnetic field. However, coronal mass ejections on the Sun regularly trigger Earth's magnetic storms, which can temporarily disrupt the navigation process of birds on long-distance flights.

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