Six tips to energize your home with positive energy

Kateryna Dutik

How to cleanse your home with salt
What to do to attract positive energy to your home

Negativity quickly penetrates a home and pushes people away from their goals and aspirations. Sometimes the circulating negative energy causes residents to have recurring nightmares, lose confidence, and suffer from demotivation.

By learning to protect yourself from all the negative, you can get rid of toxic thoughts that weaken our bodies and spirituality. That's why Sante Plus has given some tips on how to charge your home with positive energy.

1. Free your home from all the things you don't need, leaving room for positive emotions.

2. Let daylight into your home. Light allows you to absorb harmful energies that suppress you.

3. If you inherited old furniture, it may be the cause of these toxic waves circulating in your living space.

4. You can cleanse your home with incense or cedar to repel harmful vibrations.

5. Sprinkle coarse salt on all corners of the room where you spend most of your time. Coarse salt wards off bad luck and promotes spiritual peace.

6. You can burn white sage to get rid of negative energy.

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