Gardeners have named four plants that must be pruned in November

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Gardeners have named four plants that must be pruned in November

Pruning is an important gardening task that needs to be done to maintain a healthy and productive garden. Trimming certain plants at specific times of the year can encourage flowering, define their shape, control growth, and even reduce the risk of disease.

Tom Su, a gardening expert and the owner of Lawn Edging, has identified four plants that should be pruned in November. This information was reported by Express.co.uk.

Fruit trees

Many fruit trees, such as apples and pears, benefit from winter pruning. Start by removing dead, diseased, or damaged wood. Next, look for branches that cross each other or appear to be growing inward.

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Gooseberry and currant bushes

These plants bear fruit in summer on old wood, so remove very old stems to make way for younger ones. Look for older, darker wood - this is what you want to remove to keep the stems alive and young.


Shrub and climbing rose species, in particular, require pruning. This helps prevent wind damage and gives them a well-defined shape. Trim off any diseased or dead stems.


Sage, oregano, and mint can become "unruly" if left unpruned. Cut them back to maintain their neat appearance. Simply trim the plants to even them out, leaving about 5 cm above the ground.

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