A child will become unhappy and unself-reliant: Why you should not finish your children's meals

Ihor Romanko

A child will become unhappy and unself-reliant: Why you should not finish your children's meals

Many mothers find it difficult when their children do not show much appetite, and they often finish their babies' meals. However, folk omens indicate that this may not be the best option. Let's understand why this is believed to be the case.

One explanation is that the mother, finishing after the child, deprives her of energy and vitality. Ancient people considered food a kind of sacred resource, extracted by requiring certain efforts. Thus, finishing a child, it was possible to deprive her of important energy, writes OBOZREVATEL.

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Another interpretation of the omen is related to the independence of the child. It is believed that the division of one loaf of food can "bind" people to each other, especially in the relationship of mother and child. This can be detrimental to the child, preventing him or her from developing independence.

Another explanation lies in the symbolism of food as a sign of prosperity and happiness. In ancient times, constant access to food was considered a sign of wealth. Therefore, the possibility of a mother finishing her child's meal may deprive her of future happiness and abundance.

A mother's attempts to finish her child's meal can cause psychological and behavioral problems. Such actions can allow the child to violate her boundaries and transfer her responsibilities to others. It can also lead to misconceptions about the value of food and pickiness.

It is important to listen to your child, keeping a balance between trying to feed and avoiding food abuse.

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