Psychologists named 8 signs that you are a mentally strong person

Ihor Romanko

Psychologists named the main signs of a strong psyche in humans

Sometimes difficult events, traumatic experiences, or the environment can make us alienated from our own essence. The phrases "I am so weak. I don't believe I can make it through this" can be invisibly nurtured in our minds. Many of us don't even realize how great their inner strength is.

Instead of looking for the positive in our character, we are often prone to self-criticism and daily competition with ourselves. Your inner strength can be evidenced by the eight signs that the HackSpirit portal describes.

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Inner strength does not always manifest itself in heroic deeds or impressive achievements. True strength lies in the ability to accept yourself as you are now. This is the true art of the soul.

  1. Responsibility for your actions. It would seem that taking responsibility for one's actions is something commonplace, but not for everyone it is self-evident. Some people look for problems in others and easily step over them. True inner strength lies in the ability to recognize your own mistakes and take responsibility for them.
  2. The ability to let go. Life does not always develop the way we want it to. The ability to let go and not to dwell on trifles is a sign of inner strength. It means accepting life as it is and not letting anxiety take over.
  3. Difficult times are a challenge. Life inevitably leads to trials, but a true inner core is revealed when you not only go through difficulties, but also come out stronger.
  4. Expression of emotions. Contrary to the stereotype, real strong people are not afraid to express their emotions. They do not suppress their vulnerability, but accept it.
  5. Not allowing negative thoughts. Even if you have doubts, inner strength lies in the power you give to these thoughts. They remain just thoughts unless you focus on them and turn them into something more.
  6. Creating meaning in life. Even if life seems "meaningless," the true inner core is found in the ability to create your own meaning. This is manifested in the desire to achieve dreams, explore the world and not lose hope even when there are difficulties.
  7. The ability to give yourself "indulgences". A true inner core allows you to be yourself without demanding perfection. Instead of putting pressure on yourself every day, it is important to honor yourself and allow yourself to be human.
  8. Independence from the opinions of others. Having a true inner core means that you are already worthy of love and respect without depending on the opinions of others. External recognition and competition for praise are not the key to true strength.

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