Psychologists have learned how to foresee a couple's divorce by just one trait

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Psychologists have learned how to foresee a couple's divorce by just one trait

Psychologists have revealed the secret of a happy marriage: pay attention to your partner's request. People always strive to create a happy marriage that will last for the rest of their lives. But unfortunately, about 40% of first marriages end in divorce.

Psychologists John and Julie Gottman from The Gottman Institute (The Gottman Institute) analyzed the behavior of tens of thousands of couples to identify patterns that lead to happiness, or frustration in marriage, writes CNBC.

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Based on their research, they drew several key conclusions:

Support is key to a successful marriage. Happy couples turn to each other for help and support 20 times more often than couples on the verge of divorce.

Ignoring your partner's requests hurts your marriage. When you ignore your partner's request for help or support, it breaks trust and leads to estrangement.

There are four types of behaviors that destroy a marriage: criticism, neglect, defensiveness, and emotional fencing.

To maintain a happy marriage, it is important to:

  1. Pay attention to your partner's requests and try to accommodate them.
  2. Avoid criticism, humiliation, defensiveness and emotional fencing.
  3. Learn to communicate with each other in a sincere and frank manner.
  4. Support each other through difficult times.

The Gottmans' research shows that a happy marriage is not just luck. It is the result of conscious choices and constant effort by both partners.

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