Psychologist names the most common mistakes that destroy happiness

Bylim Olena

Psychologist names the most common mistakes that destroy happiness
Happiness in relationships. Source: Monstera Production/pexels.com

Sometimes to become happier, you don't need to add something new, but to get rid of something superfluous. This is the opinion of psychologist Nick Wignall.

The expert shared with yourtango.com a list of 5 "little things" that kill happiness.

1. Focusing on an uncertain future:

Constantly worrying about what might happen robs you of the feeling of happiness in the present moment. Focus on what you can control and accept what you can't.

2. Go with the flow:

Avoiding conflicts and constantly condescending to others makes you passive and suppresses your values. Learn to defend your opinion and find a balance between passivity and aggression.

3. Isolation in times of difficulty:

Locking yourself away with painful emotions limits access to the most powerful antidepressant – the love and support of loved ones. Don't be afraid to share your feelings with friends and family.

4. Dealing with stress:

Instead of just dealing with stress, try to find and eliminate its source. Pay attention to what causes you stress and take steps to neutralize it.

5. Self-criticism:

Negative internal dialog can lead to depression and anxiety. Learn to talk to yourself in a kind and understanding way.

By getting rid of these "little things," you can make a significant step towards a happier life, the expert believes.

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