Foods that provoke premature aging are named

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Foods that provoke premature aging are named
Foods that provoke premature aging are named



In general, when it comes to preserving youth and beauty, first of all, we need to talk about foods that provoke premature aging and eating habits that need to be abandoned. And then we can add superfoods and anti-ageing diets.

The effects of free radicals, certain food groups, overeating, and dehydration can affect the aging process for years.

Therefore, feel free to exclude:

⠀ - Long-term storage confectionery

   - Meat products of industrial processing

⠀- Sunflower oil

  - Fried food, especially with a long shelf life, fast food

⠀- Fatty sauces

⠀- Alcohol

It is this food that accelerates the aging process and aggravates skin problems. If you can't completely eliminate these foods, try to replace them with healthier counterparts. For example, replace sunflower oil with olive oil, store-bought sweets with 70% dark chocolate or fruits and berries. As for alcohol, I allow dry wine according to the formula I gave you earlier.

What foods do you personally find difficult to give up?