Signs that you are not respected

Екатерина ШереметьеваЕкатерина Шереметьева

Signs that you are not respected
Signs that you are not respected


1. You are not listened to the end and are often interrupted.

2. They show little interest in you.

3. They often devalue your desires, feelings, and work.

4. Ignore you or what is important to you.

5. Borrowing money and not paying it back. Borrowing things and not returning them.

6. They do not keep their promises.

7. They humiliate you covertly or openly. That is, if you are constantly used in communication with a person, whether in personal relationships, work or friends, you are not valuable, you are not respected, not valued, and certainly not loved.

Your task is to notice how people in your environment treat you and react in time.