Squint and smile: researchers found how to please any cat

Ihor Romanko

Scientists have discovered what needs to be done to please cats

Researchers from the United Kingdom have uncovered the secret of getting your cat's attention and affection. It turns out to be related to the correct way of blinking. Cats are often considered to be less social and outgoing animals than dogs, but this stereotype is not always true. Cats can also develop affection for their owners, and the key is the ability to understand the signals they give.

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Researchers published their findings in the journal Scientific Reports, revealing that one of the simplest signals that can soothe a cat is squinting. The experiments showed that cats responded more positively to people who slowed down their blinking without showing their teeth.

Scientists conducted two separate experiments. The first experiment involved 21 cats and their owners. People were asked to make direct eye contact with their cats while they were in their favorite spots and to establish trust by squinting their eyes. The results indicated that cats responded to this display of attention by slowly squinting their eyes. This effect was consistent regardless of the cats' age or the number of animals in the household.

In the second experiment, 24 cats were involved, but this time they interacted with experimenters who were unfamiliar to them rather than their owners. The results revealed that the cats were more inclined to approach people who slowed down their blinking and displayed signs of sympathy.

Karen McComb, a psychologist at the University of Sussex, said, "Many cat owners have had suspicions about this before, so it was exciting to finally find proof."

The researchers concluded that silent, slow blinking and squinting are effective means of communication between cats and humans, which help improve the relationship between them.

Cats are often regarded as one of the most mysterious pets, and there are many signs and beliefs associated with their presence, many of which relate to their behavior.

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