The rule of the wealthy: Which hand to take money with and which to give it to

Ihor Romanko

Which hand to take money with and which hand to give it to
Which hand to take money with and which hand to give it to

Money is always surrounded by magic. There are many signs associated with it that guarantee wealth multiplication and prevent poverty. Most of these signs relate to how to take and give money correctly.

By following these simple rules, you can attract and preserve wealth. Remember, money loves a cool head and common sense, vona.pp writes.

Do not lend money to poor people

It is believed that along with the debt, you can get a piece of their bad luck.

Clean up money taken from a sick person

Ask the person to put the bills on a wooden surface to neutralize negative energy.

Do not borrow or pay off debts after sunset

This can lead to poverty. If you need to, drop the bills on the floor so that the person does not take them from your hands.

Don't borrow or repay on certain days

Don't borrow money on Monday, don't lend it on Tuesday, and pay it back on any day except Friday.

Take and give money correctly

You should take money with your left hand because it is closer to your heart. This symbolizes gratitude for material goods.

You should hand over bills with your right hand so that emotions do not interfere with the calculations.

Cleanse money taken from an unlucky person

Put it on a wooden object to neutralize negative energy.

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