Raises cholesterol and causes stomach diseases: harmful soup is named

Maria Tsikhotska

Raises cholesterol and causes stomach diseases: harmful soup is named

No dinner can be complete without a delicious and rich soup. But it turns out that there is a soup that can be harmful and worsen diseases. Let's look at what kind of dish can be harmful to health and why you should avoid eating it often.

TSN writes about it.

Despite its richness and taste, you should not abuse solyanka. This soup is very spicy and fatty due to the content of various types of meat and smoked meats. Consuming it in large quantities can exacerbate chronic diseases due to its high-fat content.

Solyanka can irritate the stomach, making it unsuitable for people with gastritis and stomach ulcers. Also, a large amount of meat and lard can negatively affect the cardiovascular system, increasing the level of "bad" cholesterol.

The addition of a large number of acidic foods, such as capers, pickles and lemon, makes solyanka dangerous for those with high acidity and pancreatic disease.

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While solyanka has its drawbacks, doctors and nutritionists recommend lentil puree soup as the healthiest choice. Due to its content of 12 amino acids, fiber and vegetable proteins, this soup can strengthen the immune system, prevent heart and intestinal diseases, and help maintain a perfect body shape.

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