Healthy snacks: what to give your child to school

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Healthy snacks: what to give your child to school
Healthy snacks: what to give your child to school


Instead of a traditional sandwich with sausage and butter, you can take a "convenient" meal in the form of bran pita bread, in which you wrap pieces of vegetables, boiled meat or fish. In this form, children will eat vegetables more willingly. You can season this sandwich with herbs and fresh tomato sauce. Such seasonings will make the student's food more delicious.

For the 2nd snack, add a few nuts and dried fruits to the traditional yogurt (natural and sugar-free) with fruit. Then this snack will be complete and nutritious.

In addition to these portions of food, instead of store-bought cookies, you can give handmade cookies that parents can easily make at home. Take ordinary oatmeal, mix it with dried fruits and nuts. On the basis of this, cakes or cookies are baked, which will be healthy, hearty and tasty.

Be sure to give a 0.5 liter bottle of water to school. It will be good if your child's food (sandwiches, vegetables, fruits, salads, nuts, etc.) is placed in a nice lunch box. It is important that such school food containers are made of 100% safe plastic. Avoid cheap Chinese boxes. Plastic utensils should be labeled BPA-free; this means that they do not contain bisphenol-A. This substance with carcinogenic effects is still used in the production of cheap plastic, although it has long been proven to be hazardous to health.

Give children the right food in the right packaging!