Why you need to sit down for a minute before the trip: an explanation of a popular sign

Kateryna Dutik

Why you need to sit in front of the road
Why you need to sit in front of the road

According to Ukrainian folk beliefs, you should sit at the doorstep or on a bench near the house before you go on a trip. This sign is associated with the belief that the threshold is the boundary between home and the world of people.

Sitting in front of the road is a kind of ritual that helps you get rid of all the bad things that are left at home. This way, you can tune in to the new road.

This sign has several explanations:

1. A way to calm down and make up your mind, let go of the unnecessary, and focus on the road ahead.

2. A way to ask for blessings from your ancestors. It is believed that ancestors always help their descendants on the road.

3. A way to wish yourself good luck. If a person sits in front of the road, his or her journey will be successful.

Of course, this sign is not mandatory. But many people follow it because they believe that it helps them avoid trouble on the road.

After you sit down for a minute before the trip, you can safely hit the road.

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