Why you shouldn't drink hot drinks from paper cups: you'll be surprised

Maria Tsikhotska

Why you shouldn't drink hot drinks from paper cups: you'll be surprised

We all buy hot drinks from time to time in disposable paper cups, which seem very convenient. Most consumers are convinced that these cups are made of paper, but they are not. It turns out that drinking hot drinks from such cups can be dangerous for our health.

TSN writes about this.

The cups are made of paper with a waterproof protective polyethylene coating. This coating prevents the cup from softening or disintegrating from hot liquids.

Studies show that within just 15 minutes of hot liquids (such as coffee or tea) coming into contact with these paper cups, up to 25,000 micro-particles of plastic are released into the drink. These microparticles contain various carcinogens, such as lead, phenol, gum, and formaldehyde, which we know are dangerous to health.

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Using ion chromatography, scientists have found that heavy metal ions such as palladium, chromium, and cadmium, and some hazardous compounds from the coating of paper cups, can pass into the drink during the contact process. Scientists believe that if a person consumes beverages with such a composition at least three times a day, he or she can receive about 75,000 particles of heavy metals and other elements that can be hazardous to health.

Systematic consumption of beverages with such cups can lead to serious illnesses in adults, serious pathologies in children, deterioration of immunity, and even death. Thus, we have to be careful and conscious when choosing hot drinkware.

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