Why depression cannot be treated with herbs: doctors' explanation

Maria Tsikhotska

Why depression cannot be treated with herbs: doctors' explanation

On his Instagram page, psychiatrist Yevhen Skrypnyk explained why depression should not be treated with herbs and what harm it can do.

"I often hear people ask me: can I take something light, preferably herbal, instead of antidepressants? For some reason, we consider herbal "medicines" to be safe and natural!" Skrypnyk writes.

According to the psychiatrist, the herbs we collect ourselves are indeed natural and do not harm the body, but they have no effect, just like herbs bought at the pharmacy.

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''If a person has anxiety, hypochondriacal, and panic disorders, treatment should be carried out exclusively under medical supervision with the help of antidepressants. If the patient wants to be treated with herbs, you will notice a short-term effect of mild sedation and nothing more. As a result, the disease takes on more serious forms.

"I repeat: for depressive and severe anxiety disorders, there is a proven course of treatment with antidepressants. Anything else will only worsen your condition," notes Yevhen Skrypnyk.

Symptoms of depression


One of the most striking symptoms of depression is fatigue and lack of energy. It is chronic fatigue that neither sleep nor rest relieves.

Inability to concentrate

You start forgetting things all the time, lose the essence of the conversation, and can't organize your thoughts.

Anger and irritability for no reason

These are common symptoms of depression. Depression makes you feel down, which in turn makes you angry and irritable.

Pessimistic outlook

If a person is depressed, they automatically become a pronounced pessimist. The person stops seeing anything good, and the joy of life disappears. He or she does not want to communicate with people.

Loss of interest in usual activities

A person no longer wants to do their favorite hobbies, sports, or even sex. They stop feeling pleasure, withdraw into themselves, and constantly want to be alone.

A state of forced happiness

In order to hide depression, a person puts on a "happy face" mask when surrounded by friends to hide the symptoms of depression. But they can't pretend like that for long.

Changes in appetite and weight

Both a strong appetite and a lack of it can indicate depression. Often, people eat to cover up the emptiness inside and the bad mood.


Depression often provokes insomnia. And too little sleep contributes to the development of depression. Sleeping for more than 10 hours can also be a sign of depression.

Craving for alcohol or drugs

To stop feeling depressed, people often turn to alcohol and drugs for help.

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