Do it right: why ECO mode is not recommended

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Do it right: why ECO mode is not recommended

For those who want to save money while doing laundry, experts have given advice on how to use the ECO mode in a washing machine wisely.

According to SantePlusMag, the ECO mode is available in all modern washing machines. This program allows you to wash laundry while reducing energy costs and using less water than in the normal washing mode.

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"This means that the laundry is washed gently, without excessive amounts of hot water or large doses of detergent. However, this mode is not enough to eliminate bacteria and stubborn dirt. This is because reducing water and detergent consumption impairs the washing machine's ability to remove stains, odors, and bacteria," the publication writes.

It is noted that the ECO mode causes the accumulation of dirt and bacteria inside the device. Due to the low amount of water used, the laundry is not rinsed properly. As a result, detergent and dirt residues get stuck at the bottom of the machine. Over time, this leads to an unpleasant odor and bacterial growth.

However, this mode also has the advantage of using less water and detergent with each wash, which is essential to ensure a proper and optimal wash.

Using the ECO program also reduces noise and vibration during the wash. This eco-wash function allows you to consume as little energy as possible by operating at lower temperatures and slower spin speeds.

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