The liver is a super body regenerator. What is better to eat with

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The liver is a super body regenerator. What is better to eat with
The liver is a super body regenerator. What is better to eat with


Few people know that liver is a "superfood". Until now, some people believe in myths about the harmful use of the liver, as if it accumulates harmful substances. On the contrary, the liver is a concentrate of nutrients.

Just remember: the liver is a super restorer of the body. When you are weak, tired, often sick, or have chronic diseases – eat liver dishes more often.

What is so useful about the liver?

1. Many B vitamins, especially B16, B6, B9, B12 and others. Their presence normalizes metabolism, promotes energy production, has a positive effect on brain function, and slows down its aging.

The combination of three vitamins: B6, B9, and B12 protects the body from the accumulation of the toxic amino acid #homocysteine, which destroys blood vessels, and thereby protects against heart attacks and strokes.

2. Contains so-called #lipotropic factors (choline, inositol), which prevent the accumulation of fat in liver cells (hepatic steatosis); accumulation of cholesterol in blood vessels, facilitates the work of the heart muscle (myocardium).

3. Rich in "healing" and "restorative" molecules: vitamin A, iron, all amino acids, as well as trace elements, such as copper, zinc, selenium, chromium, and others, the deficiency of which disrupts vital metabolic processes, such as the production of thyroid, pancreatic (insulin) and other hormones. Eating liver dishes is beneficial for the health of the skin, bones, and retina.

4. The liver is rich in cholesterol, but from 100 grams of a dish with liver, the synthesis of our own "good" cholesterol will only improve, because one of the reasons for cholesterol metabolism disorders, the accumulation of fat in our liver is not the presence of cholesterol in food, but an excessive craving for sweets, in particular those that contain fructose, sedentary life, smoking, alcohol, etc.

5. The liver is an indispensable component of nutrition in iron deficiency anemia.

For iron to be absorbed better, it is good to combine a liver dish with something sour and rich in vitamin C: a glass of rosehip infusion, orange, apples, and fresh or sauerkraut salad.

Tea and coffee impair liver absorption, so consume them an hour after meals.

6. Are there restrictions (not a refusal) for eating liver dishes? There are not many of them: the first trimester of pregnancy (so as not to "overeat" vitamin A), some metabolic disorders, in particular, gout during an exacerbation (but this applies not only to the liver but also to the consumption of meat and broths), vitamin metabolism disorders.

On the Internet, you can read that the liver is contraindicated in diseases of the stomach and intestines. This is an illusion. It is liver dishes that will help restore the condition of the inflamed mucous membrane faster.

Therefore, when you are tired, prepare stewed liver, add fresh vegetables, toast from bran bread, and half a glass of orange (can be diluted) juice, and strength will return to you.

Despite the benefits of liver dishes, it is enough to consume them once a week.

On my plate:

The liver is a super body regenerator. What is better to eat with
The liver is a super body regenerator. What is better to eat with

•Stewed chicken liver with apples

•Spinach and arugula leaves

•Red pepper, carrot

• Sauerkraut is white and with beets

•Avocado Bran Bread Toast.