Octopus escaped from the pot while cooking: video of the rescue

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Octopus escaped from the pot while cooking: video of the rescue

A dramatic scene took place in a Chinese restaurant in Beijing: an octopus that the cook was boiling in soup decided to make an escape.

The little octopus, showing great determination, managed to escape from the pot using its tentacles. He was desperate to avoid the sad fate of the ingredient for the dish, writes Bild.

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However, his attempt to quit ended in failure. The octopus accidentally fell into another pot filled with boiling water and got burned by the hot water.

After the failed escape, the octopus returned to its original location exhausted. In the end, despite its bravery, it was still served as part of the meal.

Interesting facts about octopuses

Most octopuses live off the coast, hiding in rocks and coral. They like to live alone, so they set up cozy lairs and protect their territory.

Octopuses swim backwards, using a siphon to push water out. Their speed can reach up to 40 kilometers per hour.

Adult octopuses eat crabs, snails, fish and even other octopuses. Their beak-shaped mouths can bite and the venom of some species can be deadly.

Octopuses build a den of rocks using their suction cups. They can even build a "stone door" to close their lodge.

When an octopus is threatened, it can release an ink cloud to confuse a predator. It can also change color to blend in with its surroundings.

The octopus actually has 6 arms and 2 legs! The arms are used to grab food and move around, while the legs are used to walk on the ocean floor.

There are 289 species of octopus, each with their own unique characteristics. Some octopuses can live on land, while others can live in the deepest parts of the ocean.

The mimic octopus can mimic other sea creatures such as jellyfish, sea snakes, and crabs to deter predators.

Octopuses have large and complex brains, excellent memory and problem-solving abilities. They are even considered one of the most intelligent invertebrates.

Octopuses have blue-colored blood because it contains copper. This helps them survive in cool water.

A female octopus lays about 200,000 eggs and takes care of them until they hatch. She does not eat during this time and dies of starvation.

Recall, in France, a diver went down to the bottom to shoot underwater inhabitants. When he photographed an octopus, he decided to try himself as a photographer and stole the camera from the diver. The diver said that the inquisitive octopus used its tentacles to encircle his underwater camera and flipped the script so that the subject became the one who went down to photograph the underwater inhabitants.

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