"Orchid blooms like crazy": experts recommended adding one item to the pot

Anastasia Kryshchuk

'Orchid blooms like crazy': experts recommended adding one item to the pot

Orchids are one of the most popular indoor plants. However, the flower is characterized by high care needs.

When the flowers finally fade, it is tempting to throw away the houseplant, but with a simple trick, you can encourage new flowering. This is reported by Express.co.uk.

Experts advise putting an ice cube in the pot with an orchid once a week. This is the best practice for those who have a habit of over-watering their indoor plants.

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The idea is that when the ice cubes melt slowly, they give the growing medium and roots enough time to absorb the water. This way the orchid gets the exact amount of moisture it needs.

Large orchids may need three ice cubes per week. For smaller ones, it is advised to use two cubes, and for mini-orchids, use one.

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