It is dangerous: products you should never combine

Bylim Olena

It is dangerous: products you should never combine
A feast with healthy snacks. Source: fauxels/pexels.com

If you're aiming for a healthy lifestyle, it's worth paying attention to how you combine foods in your diet. Nutritionists emphasize that some combinations can even harm your health.

Here are some combinations that are better to avoid in order not to harm your body.

Banana and milk. These two foods are of different quality and form a toxic mixture that can cause various health problems, from rashes to coughing.

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Burger and fries. Both are high in fat and can contribute to fatigue and weight gain.

Beans and cheese. These foods are difficult to digest and can lead to bloating and other stomach problems.

Pizza and soda. This combination is acidic and can cause stomach and indigestion.

Food and water/juice. Drinking water or juice with a meal can dilute stomach acid and lead to overeating.

Yogurt and fruit. The stomach digests them at different rates, which can upset the digestive system.

Eggs and meat. Both are high in protein and can overload your digestive system.

Potatoes and meat. These foods require different types of digestion and can lead to stomach problems.

Therefore, carefully combine products in your diet so that your diet is as healthy as possible.

Earlier, experts warned against eating sprouted potatoes.

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