A disaster is bound to happen: Why you can't clean your home when loved ones are on a long road trip

Ihor Romanko

A disaster is bound to happen: Why you can't clean your home when loved ones are on a long road trip

Since ancient times, there have been numerous folk beliefs and omens associated with leaving on a long journey. In addition to the well-known custom of "sitting down for the journey," there is another fairly common superstition noting that one should not mop the floor or clean for three days after a family member leaves.

Among the underlying beliefs is the idea that a person going on a trip may encounter an unfortunate event, the Patriots of Ukraine wrote. The trip could end in a serious accident or disaster, the person could be injured or lose luggage and money.

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There is even a fatal version of this belief, claiming that the traveler may not return home at all.

Hence, people who believe in this belief refrain from starting any serious work at home while saying goodbye to someone. Cleaning on the day of departure or a few hours before is also considered unlucky.

According to popular beliefs, washing the floor and cleaning during this period is categorically forbidden. There are different versions as to when exactly you can start cleaning - according to one of them you should start only when the traveler reaches his destination. This rule also applies to the conduct of a traveling man.

It is important to note that some omens also have a positive dimension. For example, if before traveling to clean the stairs in the entryway or on the porch, it is believed that the journey will be easy and successful.

After saying goodbye to guests, it is also advised not to immediately take up washing the floors, as this, according to the beliefs, can lead to difficulties and bad luck. Instead, it is recommended to engage in other household chores, such as washing dishes, cleaning shoes and mat, organizing order in the hallway, other easy tasks not related to washing floors.

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