Pay attention to these 5 signs of a quality fruit: how to choose sweet tangerines

Ihor Romanko

How to choose quality and sweet tangerines

The tangerine season is upon us, so choosing the right fruit can make your flavor enjoyment even greater. Here are a few simple guidelines to help you choose sweet and ripe tangerines without any nasty surprises.

Spend a few extra minutes investing in the right choice, and then you will definitely be able to enjoy delicious tangerines, TSN writes.

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  • Peel. Look for tangerines with smooth and shiny skin, which indicates their readiness and sweet taste. Avoid fruit with dull or wrinkled skin, as well as those with blemishes or soft spots, which can be a sign of spoilage and flavor degradation.
  • Weight. Compare the weight of the tangerines in your hands. Heavier fruits are likely to be juicier and sweeter. Higher juice content often means a sweeter flavor. If the tangerine is light for its size, it may indicate poor flavor quality and dryness.
  • Peel color. Choose tangerines with bright orange skin, which indicates their ripeness and high sugar content. A dull or greenish peel may indicate unripeness and acidity.
  • Flavor. The smell of ripe tangerines should be pronounced and noticeable even at a distance. The absence of aroma or the presence of an unpleasant odor may indicate that the fruit is not ripe.

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