What does the body signal when you want sweets?

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What does the body signal when you want sweets?
What does the body signal when you want sweets?


Are you craving sweets?

It happens that in winter we especially binge on junk food. Patients complain that they crave cream cakes, sweet cheeses, and burgers. Such a desire does not arise for no reason: it is always a biochemical request of the body for the supply of necessary food. In this case, it is most likely a signal that the body lacks Vitamin D.

It's important to listen to your body, but if you're craving sausage, it's not a lack of sausage in your body, it's a lack of fats. Include healthy fats in your diet: avocados, fatty fish, the right oils (e.g. olive, pumpkin, sesame).

Vitamin D is not a vitamin in the classical sense, it is a hormone-like substance. Its deficiency can cause hormonal malfunction. Vitamin D is also responsible for the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, respectively, the condition of our hair, nails and bones depends on this indicator. Frequent headaches, apathy, drowsiness, increased nervousness and memory impairment are symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency.

⠀ Its production in the body depends on sunlight, and in winter, naturally, there is little of it in the skin. By the way, studies show that even residents of sunny California are deficient in Vitamin D. Therefore, in cold weather it is especially important to make up for its deficiency - eat caviar, liver, butter, eggs.

In winter, as a preventive measure, you can take Vitamin D 1 tablet every morning on an empty stomach in a dosage of 2000 IU. Of course, it is better to coordinate the dosage with your doctor (after studying your tests for Vitamin D (25-OH).